Fleetwash know wash systems

by Val Whitton | April 4, 2016


We know that you want your wash systems to provide fast and effective washing of your fleet because a clean vehicle is a more cost efficient vehicle.   We know you want less down time and less maintenance.  

Fast turnaround times in the wash bay will provide this as well as presenting a clean vehicle to the maintenance workshop. 

Environmental impacts are minimised by less drag out onto public roadways assisting you in meeting EPA compliance rules.  We assist to  increase efficiency in water usage through improved water recycling systems, and can provide hydrocarbon management and collection using world class OWS systems. 

Operator safety is at the forefront of all Fleetwash designs and the provision of water treatment and recycle systems that provide clean and bacteria free water is an integral component of all Fleetwash systems. 

Whatever your end goal is, and whatever your existing infrastucture is, Fleetwash can provide a wash system and wash bay that caters for it.   We build wash systems that work and keep on working and we provide wash services that can taek the hassle out of keeping your fleet clean. Contact the professionals, the people that have been in the business long enough to know what you want. 

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