The Thundergrid - Fleetwash's own rumble grid

by Kate Corby | January 10, 2017
The Thundergrid - Fleetwash's own rumble grid

Looking for a low cost solution to track out from your worksite? Need to remove debris and dirt from the tyres of vehicles?  The Thundergid, Fleetwash's own rumble grid, is your solution. 

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Recycled Waste Wash Water Saves Millions Each Year

by Kate Corby | November 28, 2016


The National Resources Review has featured our new Truck Wash and Water Treatment and Recycle System product, in it's November/ December edition. This system will deliver recycled water for re-use with success being 100% water availability and it will change the way mining and industrial companies look at their water usage on site. Click this story to read the article in full.    

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New Product Release - Gross Pollutant Trap

by Kate Corby | November 8, 2016
New Product Release - Gross Pollutant Trap

Do you have a large open area, like a carpark that requires the treatment of stormwater run off?  Are hydrocarbons entering your stormwater drains from your site? Our Gross Pollutant Trap can solve this problem and it's as easy as installing it.  Read on for more information

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Stock Crate Wash

by Val Whitton | October 26, 2016


A truck wash designed to suit your site.  Fleetwash have packaged together the best features from our wash systems and brought them together to bring you the "Stock Crate Wash".  Read on to see what's in our Stock Crate Wash.

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National Resources Review spotlight on Fleetwash

by Val Whitton | September 26, 2016


The National Resources Review recently featured Fleetwash online and interviewed our CEO, Mr. Val Whitton on the revamped Deluge Relocateable Truck Wash System.

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FREE Metro Delivery on Truck & Bus Wash detergent products

by Kate Corby | September 22, 2016
FREE Metro Delivery on Truck & Bus Wash detergent products

FREE Metro Delivery on Truck & Bus Wash detergent products. Contact us on 1300 880 780 for more information on our products.

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Australian Bus & Coach Show - Find us now at Stand 134

by Kate Corby | September 1, 2016


The countdown is on, 4 weeks till the Australian Bus & Coach Show. 

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Visit us at the Australian Bus & Coach Show 2016

by Kate Corby | August 5, 2016


Come visit us at Stand 177 at the Australian Bus & Coach Show, 5th and 6th October at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

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Fleetwash release the Deluge Relocateable Truck Wash System Mark 2

by Val Whitton | June 10, 2016


Fleetwash CEO, Valentine Whitton, has announced the release of the HDD45 R, an enhanced version of the highly successful Heavy Duty Deluge Relocatable truck wash system. The Mark 2 is built around the proven all steel, heavy duty, wash base design in use over many years. The HDD45 R has proven itself on multiple installations within the mining and construction industry, in Australia and the export market as well.   Known for its heavy hitting wash power, robust construction and versatility with the ability to be readily relocated to other site locations, as required, made this wash system the most popular Fleetwash truck wash system.   

The Mark 2 has all these features plus more - the high quality 45kw motor pump, delivering 2400 lpm at 7 bar is now mounted together with the motor control centre and valve control systems and all located on a steel skid mount base making installation an uncomplicated task on any site.

The unique feature of the HDD45 R Mark 2 is in the design of the steel wash base with 6 heavy duty “I“ beams suspended over the full length of the wash bay and designed for 12 tonne axle load.  The steel base is supported at each end of the engineer certified self-draining concrete wash bay and is designed for all road registered vehicles up to 3 metres wide with side mirror width allowance.

 The Mark 2 wash is delivered from the factory in two main parts, ready to install with side spray retention walls and wash booms in place.  The wash system is able to be placed directly into the prepared concrete wash bay pit making the Mark 2  ready for wash operations in as little as one day after delivery to site.

The HDD45 R provides washing to the underbody, wheels and sides of the vehicle through 5 wash booms, with two booms on each side, upper and lower body and wheels and one double-sided centre boom providing inside washing of wheels and guards and underbody whilst avoiding the electronically sensitive & drive train area of the vehicles.

The wash base is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel with inverted steel angle for the drive over section of the wash bay.   This design acts as a built-in shaker bar as the vehicle travels over the angled wash base creating tread deflection which assists in the removal of dirt and rubble caught within the tyre  tread. The Mark 2 wash eliminates drag-out from sites onto the public road system ensuring EPA compliance, as well as providing clean underbody and wheels for more efficient site maintenance, making the HDD45 Mark 2 the preferred truck wash system of choice. 

The HDD45 R Mark 2 wash system is fully automatic using the Fleetwash designed Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS) with traffic light control of vehicle movements inside the wash bay ensuring operator safety. Dual directional wash facility is available if required.  The HDD45 R Mark 2 Truck Wash System comprises:

  • 5 x boom  wash system                                       Underbody  centre wash boom
  • Wheel wash + outside/inside guards               Wheel wash upper and lower body
  • Gal steel drive over wash grate                         Spray retention shields                      
  • Skid mount Motor pump  & MCC                      Traffic Management System (ATMS)
  • Hydraulically designed self-draining wash bay

Optional features available include Hi sides/ roof wash and/or load wetting spray bar and exit road wash     


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by Kate Corby | April 8, 2016


Fleetwash have recently commissioned their newest project for the NT Government with a dual directional decontamination wash bay.  The wash system is fully automatic and is controlled by the Fleetwash Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS) with traffic lights at each end of the dual direction wash bay ensuring traffic flows in one direction only at any given time.

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