Water Treatment Solutions

Demand Driven Diversion Systems

These systems provide a solution to protect the environment from the run-off of wash down areas sending all water that comes off the wash pad when water is being demanded (ie. when somone activates a wash point) to the treatment centre.  When water is not being demanded, the system will close access to the treatment centre and water will run directly to stormwater.  Essential that this is used in a an area where at the completion of a wash activity, the area will be hosed clean of all pollutants such as grease and oil.   Suited to car, truck or equipment wash areas.  These Diversion Systems are the Solution for protecting the Stormwater on all unroofed wash areas.  For roofed areas, please contact us for information on our PT600 pit.



First Flush Diversion Systems

How do you wash equipment or vehicles without poluuting the waterways and risking the heavy penalties that apply?  The FF600 system is a site specific unit that will capture the "first flush" of rain falling on a site after a pollution generating activity has occurred.  This volume will be diverted to a holding tank for processing via a treatment unit, such as an Oil  Water Separator. These Diversion Systems are the solution for protecting the Stormwater on all unroofed wash areas.  For roofed areas, please contact us for information on our PT600 pit.  

Designed for use where it can not be guaranteed that an area will be left free of contaminants at the end of a washdown operation.


Oil Water Separators

Fleetwash oil water separators are designed to remove free floating hydrocarbons like oil, diesel and hydraulic fluid as well as suspended solids for your waste water.  Oil Water Separators are the minimum pre treatment system required by Council to treat waste water from wash bays prior to discharge to trade waste.

Available in stadard sizes from 1000 to 15,000 litres per hour and custom system can be manufactrured up to 250,000 litres per hour. 


Waste Water Recycle Solutions

The Fleetwash Heavy Duty Recycle System is designed to capture and treat water from our largest vehicle wash system. This unit can treat up to 50 cubic metres of water per hour making it reusable for future use within the system.


  • This heavy duty unit removes solids and oil, treats water to remove bacteria and kill odours.
  • The unit can also include but is not limited to:
  • Automatic flocculant dosing
  • Solids separation
  • Oil treatment
  • High technology ozone system
  • Heavy Duty Sediment Separators



Complete Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Fleetwash can provide a comprehensive water treatment system to compliment your vehicle wash that is both cost-effective and reliable.


With the aim of providing you with reusable waste water for your vehicle wash system, there are options to suit all budgets and to assist you meet with your local Environmental Protection Authority requirements.



Waste Water Treatment and Recycle

Introducing a Modular solution to the issue of bacteria in your water. Utilising the latest in ozone generation technology, this unit is compact, effective and cost efficient. Maximise your profits by making the most of your water. Make it reusable, deodorise it


In treating potable water and waste water, ozone has the proven ability to convert bio refractory organic materials to biodegradable materials. As a result, combining ozone oxidation with our other water treatment solutions can produce water with lower concentrations of problematic organic compounds more cost effectively than processes used individually.

Download our specifications sheet for more information on this product or contact us to see if this is a solution that could suit your water problem




Looking for a small unit that can look after the decontamination of our vehicles, then look no further. This product has been specially designed to automatically spray disinfectant on the wheels and underbody of vehicles as they pass through the unit. These units have been used in quarantine areas, farms, horse studs and ports.

If you have a particular application or problem you are trying to solve, contact us for a tailor made solution to your contamination problems.