Electric Transport Vehicles


Ideal for internal transportation for special services in various sectors: industrial, tourist, rail and airport, etc.Its great load capacity allows a wide range of special attachments and customer specific accessoriesThe proprietary Bitimec hydraulic steering system allows effortless maneuvering without using battery power, lengthening the vehicle’s autonomy

Optional accessories:
Flatbed trailer:
Utility trailer chassis, readily equipped with function-specific arrangements for railcar maintenance and cleaning. Read More >

Fleet wash equipment: Utility trailer provides 5KVA power and 500L of water for multiple uses as required. Ie: vacuum, pressure cleaning. Read More >

Flatbed with Aluminium side panels: Standard trailer complete with hinged, removable aluminium side panels. Max load capacity of 1400kgs. Read More >

Flatbed with wire mesh including 2 side sliding doors:  Standard trailer comes complete with wire mesh enclosure with sliding doors. Read More >

Water tank 800L:  Trailer equipped with 800L capacity water tank including 15 m hose and reel. Read More >

Polivac 1000D:  Polivac vacuum system is by far the most economical way of removing waste from railcar WC’s. The unit is completely autonomous and diesel powered. Collection is fast and hygienic as a .85bar vacuum is generated in the main 1000L tank. The polivac also has applications for waste and spill clean up. Read More >

CSB Train: Trailer arrangement for the transportation and replacement of rail car batteries. The batteries can be elevated to any height for ease loading and unloading. Read More >




The FL05 is a railcar and truck washer which balances power, capacity for extreme service conditions, and compactness


  • This vehicle provides larger wheels and a full work-shift’ of battery power.
  • Its maneuverability makes it ideal for tighter working areas and for applications where the workload would not require its bigger cousin; the diesel powered Speedy Wash Sep900. Read More >




A 48V electric power house vehicle designed for robust, multi function facility support.


  • The Multi Purpose Service vehicle is a stand-alone operating station, onboard generator provides single phase or 3 phase power to support a variety of equipment whilst in the field. Also carrying a 500L water tank, high pressure cleaning system with hose reel and lance, fire extinguisher and wet & dry vacuum. The MPSV is perfect for rail network carriage cleaning, mine site camp maintenance, wharehouse management, shopping centres, airports etc.
  • This unit has a tow capacity of up to 10 nominal tons which ensures the unit to be a valuable asset in any large scale environment.




This vehicle was designed from the ground up for urban waste collection. It can auto load full mobile containers, transport the load up or down 30% grades, and tip the hopper into larger trucks or dumps


  • The reduced dimensions (a mere 880m/m less than 35- wide) and the ability to maneuver in very tight spaces make this vehicle unique in the service sector for historical town centers.
  • The dump hopper is activated by a hydraulic system, controlled by a programmed circuit board. Hydraulic stabilizers are automatically deployed by sensors in order to guarantee safe dumping of the hopper. The optional Mobile Container Load System can greatly improve differentiated waste collection.




Tractor for towing trailers of up to 20 nominal tons


  • Supplied with open or closed cab. Industry certified automated or special action tow hooks. Hydraulic power steering. Can be supplied with rear push button control board for easier latching or releasing of trailers. Read More >




Tractor for towing trailers of up to 10 nominal tons Supplied with open or closed cab.

Industry certified automated or special action tow hooks. The proprietary hydraulic steering system allows effortless maneuvering without using battery power, lengthening the vehicles autonomy. Can be supplied with rear push button control board for easier latching or releasing of trailers. Read More >




A 2 seat golf cart, that will get around the course in style. 


2 or 4 seat configuration, poly sunroof and a 2 piece windshield, rear wheel drive, ice cooler box, sand bottle and a rear stand kit for two golf bags. 




A smaller version of our Standard Golf Cart. 


This version comes with a single seat, soft top canopy and 2 piece windshield. Comes fitted with a stand kit for one golf bag and has rear wheel drive. 




Designed for our customers with large areas of ground to cover.  Make transport across your depot a breeze with this low cost and low maintenance solution. We have designed the Wash Mate Service Cart to hold your cleaning equipment, making moving from bus to bus, truck to truck or building to building not an issue. Keep your equipment in onw place to make work more efficient.


A 2 seat configuration, a soft top canopy with 2 piece windshield, twin cleaning materials trays at shoulder height, lower level larger container for wash bucket, broom and mop holder, a tow hitch for rubbish trailer.  Rubbish trailer can be supplied as an option to the unit.