Stock Crate Wash

by Val Whitton | October 26, 2016

Whats in our Stock Crate Wash?

Fleetwash offer a fully automated stock crate wash with underbody wash, hi sides wash and overhead wash feature.

Standard package includes:

-  AVDATA equipment

-  Hydrualically designed, self draining wash bay

-  Engineer certified wash bay civil design

-  Weed seed capture feature

-  Park up area for manual wash down

-  2 x manual hose reels for a high intensity wash

-  2 x elevated wash access platforms

-  Header tank and auto fiull controls

-  Suitable for all vehicles up to a B Double

-  Civil and concrete works

-  Installation and commissioning

Optional features include waste water capture and treatment and oily water separation.  Package can also be delivered as a DIY unit.  Contact us for more information on this package for your site on 1300 880 780.

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