Non Stop Wash Bay

by V J Whitton | September 5, 2014


Fleetwash is pleased to be able to offer the Tornado HDD45 CB, the tried and proven heavy duty vehicle washing system designed to wash all vehicle types for all applications in all conditions


  • A wash bay that works and keeps on working
  • 20 years plus life and still going strong
  • Dual sump facility with drain and dry out feature allowing nonstop washing
  • Auto  dump and flush/refill wheel bath feature
  • 5 Year guarantee on pumps and motors

The Heavy Vehicle Wash that Works and Keeps on Working

Fleetwash has been in business for over 20 years, and some of the very first wheel and underbody wash units built by Fleetwash are still in operation today, many with the same basic equipment as when installed.  The key to the long life of the Fleetwash equipment is that we use mainstream equipment including Southern Cross, Grundfos and WEG motors all with guaranteed long life and all connected to long life pumping systems, again guaranteed by Fleetwash for a long life in your wash bay.  The recognised success of the Tornado 45 Heavy Vehicle Wash is in the design of this unique wash system.  It is designed for long life, hard work and heavy work and will wash all vehicle types, of road registered design, and will work and keep on working 24/7.

Dual Sump Facility – allows continuous washing operations with drain and dry-out feature

This unique facility will enable a wash system to work continuously with one sump in operation at all times and the other closed off, allowing excess water to drain out from each drive in sump while the inactive sump is in hibernation mode.  This allows the settled sludge to dry out faster and aided by natural evaporation process as well, provides less water in the sludge for more efficient mechanical handling during sump clean out.

Drive Through Wheel Bath with auto dump and flush/refill facility

Located immediately in front of the wash bay is the Fleetwash fully automatic wheel bath, the first of its kind in the vehicle washing industry.  This system provides pre wetting of tyres and tread of all wheels during its passage through the wheel bath.  The shaker bars inside the wheel bath assist in removing clogged treads prior to the vehicle entering the hi impact wheel wash.

The auto flush and dump feature of this equipment is the key to this unique wheel bath. A continuously clean wheel bath is provided, and controlled by the Fleetwash PLC, with dirty water and accumulated sludge being dumped,   as often as required, prior to being recycled for re use within the system, and replaced with fresh water.  Controlled by the Fleetwash PLC system and programmed to operate in full automatic mode as nominated by the client.

For more information contact Fleetwash National Sales Manager – Patrick Whitton on 0409 03 11 44

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